Studio 23 Promo - Getaways HongKong!

Register and send in your
Lenovo's IMEI number for a chance to


  • Register and send in your Lenovo Phone's IMEI number

  • A total of three (3) winners will be drawn by Digital Media Division

  • Prizes are / prize is transferable and convertible to cash

  • The winner or its representative (in case of travel) must travel with Lenovo Team on January 25 - 29, 2014

  • ABS-CBN Sports Representatives will immediately get in touch with the winners via phone and email submitted

  • Winner must have a valid passport and visa not expiring in the next 6 months from time of travel

  • Per DTI NCR Permit No. 9453 series of 2014

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Getaway Schedule

  • Submission of Entries

    October 26, 2013 to January 3, 2014
  • Draw Date

    January 4, 2014
  • Travel Date

    January 25 - 29, 2014


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Promo Mechanics



Per DTI-NCR no. 9453 series of 2013.

  2. Promo Period: October 26, 2013 to January 3, 2014
  3. Full Mechanics:
    • Lenovo Mobile in partnership with ABS-CBN Sports will be having a consumer promo titled LENOVO LIVING L.A.RGE WALANG IWANAN PROMO. It's a nationwide promotion that will run from October 26, 2013 to January 3, 2014.
    • Consumers who have a locally purchased Lenovo Smartphone are entitled to join the promo. Each series of a Lenovo Mobile phone model has a corresponding number of raffle entries.
    1 Raffle Entry 3 Raffle Entries 3 Raffle Entries 5 Raffle Entries
    • To validate all the entries earned by a participant and qualify for the raffle draw, a participant must register his/her name, address, birthday, contact number, email address, model/series and IMEI1 number to After the registration, the participant will receive a confirmation email from studio23site.
    • From all valid entries accumulated within cut-off period, total of three (3) winners will be drawn. The draw will be conducted at 1:00pm on January 4, 2014 at ABS-CBN in the presence of a DTI representative.
    • The drawn winners with valid entries will win the prize of a trip for five (5) days to Los Angeles, California USA to watch an NBA Game worth Php 122,912 each together with the Lenovo Mobile Team.
    • Winners will be accompanied by the Lenovo Mobile Team during the U.S. tour for the documentation from January 25 to 29, 2014.
    • The prize is TRANSFERABLE to someone who has a valid US Visa not expiring in the next 6 months from time of travel, or, can be convertible to cash.
    • No age limit is required to join the promo but winners who will be using the US travel package must be at least 18 years of age.
    January 4, 2014 Cut Off:
    12:00am - 11:59pm
    October 26, 2013 to January 3, 2014 Three (3) winners of a trip to L.A. California, USA worth Php122,912 each January 6, 2014
    1. Lenovo Mobile & ABS-CBN disclaims any liability for failure to receive or acknowledge the purchase requests arising from force majeure, including acts of God, fires, floods, wars or other disturbances, labor unrest, or other causes beyond its control.
    2. Qualified winner must have:
      1. Valid Philippine Passport
      2. Valid U.S Visa not expiring in the next 6 months from time of travel.
      3. Winner must be 18 and above and if winner is at age 60 and above he/she must provide medical certificate before we allow them to join the tour.
      4. Sent a valid entry.
      5. Registered to Lenovo Living L.A.rge Walang Iwanan Promo.
    3. The following shall not earn valid entries:
      1. Participant's requests sent after the cut-off time and the promo period.
      2. Participant's request where viewer fails to register.
      3. Participant's request where participant fails to send in a valid entry.
    4. All participants who join are presumed to have read and understood, and agree to abide by its complete rules and regulations.
    5. Only Philippine residents are allowed to join.
    6. Employees of Lenovo Mobile, Studio 23, ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries, advertising agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.
    7. Determining Winners and Prizes
      1. From all valid entries accumulated within cut-off period, the raffle draw will be conducted at 1:00pm on January 4, 2014. The drawn winner who sent the correct valid entry, he/she will win a trip to L.A. California, U.S.A. worth Php122, 912 together with the Lenovo Mobile Team.
        Breakdown of Prizes
        TOTAL P368, 736
        Airfare: 56,122 x 3 P168, 366
        Accommodation and activities: 53,590 x 3 P160, 770
        Pocket Money: 13, 200 x 3 P39, 600
      2. The winner will be responsible for acquiring their passport, visa and all other travel documents and for all travel-related expenses and taxes not covered by the prize. All expenses related to the claiming or availing of the prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner, including, but not limited to carrier surcharges, service charges, local transportation, passport & visa application, meals, beverages, incidental charges and gratuities.
      3. Prizes in kind are transferable but not convertible to cash. All prizes exceeding Ten Thousand Pesos (P10, 000) shall be subject to twenty percent (20%) prize tax, which shall be shouldered by the winner.
      4. ABS-CBN, Lenovo Mobile and the representative from the DTI will be present during the determination of winner at 1:00pm on January 4, 2014 at 9th floor Eugenio Lopez Jr. Communications Center Building Cor. Mother Ignacia Avenue & Eugenio Lopez Jr. St. South Triangle, Quezon City.
        1. Prizes shall be awarded only upon completion of entire validation process, resulting in the subscriber being identified as a legitimate winner.
        2. Names of winners will be announced in Lenovo Mobile Official Facebook Page and Studio 23 Official Facebook Page. Winners will also be informed via telephone call and registered mail. No text notifications will be sent to the winner advising him/her that he/she won. The winner/s should give their confirmation within 3 days from receipt of notification. Otherwise, the next "chance winner" will be considered and the same notification and confirmation process will follow. Otherwise the prize will be forfeited in favor of ABS-CBN with prior DTI approval.
        3. The prizes may be claimed at 9th Floor ELJCC Bldg Mother Ignacia Cor ELJ St Quezon City or at the nearest ABS CBN Regional TV or Radio Station as indicated in the registered mail. Winners will shoulder all costs that they would incur in securing their prize (Bus Fares, Taxi Fares, Gas, Parking, Meals and Plane Fare).
        4. The Winner must present the following to an authorized ABS-CBN representative when claiming prize:
          1. One (1) valid ID with complete real name, age, gender picture and correct address. Photocopies of any of the documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage contract, SSS ID, driver's license, school ID and/or passport)
          2. Notice sent by registered mail
          3. Lenovo Smartphone with the winning IMEI1 number
          4. Valid passport with US VISA
          5. If the winner is a minor, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/s or legal guardian.
        5. All winners shall be notified thru registered mail.
        6. Once the winner has been validated and he/she would like to transfer his/her prize to another person, a formal request letter to transfer his/her winnings to another person and waiving all his/her claims on the prize. The recipient of the winnings will be subjected to the same terms and conditions for the winner as stated in the promo.

Per DTI-NCR Permit # 9453 Series of 2013